• Just Don't Do It.

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  • Victory Bicycle and Orbea Team Up to Give Manny Huerta's Olympic Dreams a Boost

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    This is a great video about Memphis' Victory Bicycle and their exciting role in the upcoming Olympic Games.

    Also check out Victory's site, designed by Memphis' switch.

  • archer>malmo Featured in Agency Post's Pledge to Independent Agencies

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    In honor of the 4th of July yesterday, The Agency Post compiled a short list of independent agencies, pledging respect to them and the entrepreneurs whose vision guide them. One of the featured agencies was Memphis' archer>malmo.

    Here's what principal and chief creative officer Gary Backaus had to say about the agency:
    “Independence gives us the freedom to be mainly culturally driven instead of financially driven. Even so, archer>malmo is consistently profitable, and we don’t think that’s a coincidence. Our success is based on the quality of our creativity – which really means we have great, talented people – coupled with our ability to develop and maintain trusting and lasting client relationships.

    In my experience, I have seen that people are naturally more creative and productive when they’re happy. So that commitment to culture directly benefits clients. I think that is a distinct competitive advantage for us over larger agencies. Our business, built on creativity, quality and solid relationships, is not capital intensive, and, that’s the beauty of it. We’re driven to do excellent work, but without the pressure of quarterly earnings.

    Independence also puts us in charge of our own destiny when it comes to new business. There’s been a lot of talk lately about how the industry’s pitch-oriented approach is broken — RFPs, spec work, consultant conflicts of interest, etc. — and how agencies should stand up to it. We are fortunate to be in a position to occasionally and politely say ‘no thanks’. Our new business comes mostly from relationships, referrals and organic growth, and our business is up significantly. We’ve hired more than 20 people already this year and the growth outlook is very positive.”


  • Red Deluxe Develops New iPad Publication, Strategy for HGTV Shelf

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    When HGTV® Shelf for the iPad launched in June, the new ideas and inspiration app debuted with a publication developed by Red Deluxe. The iPad publication, “Fast Fixes-Outdoors,” is the first in a series they are developing, that will include more “Fast Fixes” issues, as well as other special publications on more home improvement topics.

    Red Deluxe has been working with HGTV on several other aspects of HGTV Shelf, including icon development, positioning strategy, a rollout banner ad campaign and the app’s tagline, “Get inspired. Download Your Dream.”


  • Red Deluxe Recognized for PSA Work

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    Memphis agency Red Deluxe has received national acclaim for a new campaign, developed for the American Lung Association.
    The PSA around which the campaign revolves features "Alvin Grimes, Air Collector," a quirky twenty-something surrounded by his extensive collection of air, sealed in jam jars and labeled with place of origin. "Think it's weird to collect air?" asks a voice over. "You wouldn't think so if you saw what your lungs collect every time you breathe."
    The spot promotes a new smartphone app, State of the Air, which tells users current air quality conditions and can send notifications when the current air quality reaches code orange level on the Environmental Protection Agency's air quality index.

    The campaign, which also features advertising on billboards, taxi-tops, in movie theatres and online, is meant appeal to a younger demographic than the American Lung Association's current average donor, who is 68 years old.

    But this isn't the first time that Red Deluxe has been nationally recognized for their PSA work. Last year, they produced the wildly popular campaign for Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation that featured elderly people rapping and urged viewers to download the app called Play it Down. Play it Down features a hearing test, as well as an "auto old" function that allows users to hear music from their own libraries as though through the ears of an elderly person.

    Red Deluxe co-founder Martin Wilford is a big believer in using smartphone apps to reach consumers, especially for non-profit organizations who depend on donated airtime for their PSAs. Of course, it doesn't hurt that 'air-collecting' and 'rapping old people' are funny.


  • inferno Brings Fresh Look to Trade Campaign

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    To emphasize the sheer magnitude of the operation that is Fullen Dock & Warehouse, Memphis agency inferno made the messaging as huge as the company itself. The resulting campaign is powerful and interesting, and takes trade advertising to the next level. Fulllen Dock is a full service, single source supply chain hub, connecting river, road and rail to simplify supply chain transportation for their clients.


  • Featured Egotist - Michael Allen

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    Local photographer Michael Allen and his studio are into a little bit of everything. They work with everyone from fashion designers to music labels, architects and even brides.

    See some of Michael's work below, and check out his website for more.

  • Keep Tennessee Beautiful Launches New Site

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    Keep Tennessee Beautiful today launched a new website and logo, with branding and design by doug carpenter & associates.

    Keep Tennessee Beautiful is a state-funded agency dedicated to encouraging Tennesseeans to take responsibility for their community environments, and with the new website hopes to bring a greater sense of inclusivity to their 24 official affiliates and millions of volunteers across the state.
    We're especially a fan of the page that allows you to find your nearest recycling locations.

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