• Fake Subway Ads Critique Reality TV

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    Toddlers in Tiaras, Real Housewives of Everywhere, Honey Boo Boo… American television is in a quite a state these days. While there is quality to be found (if you’re looking), the majority of shows that dominate our airwaves are of the ‘reality’ genre – real shows about real people living scripted lives. A marketing campaign for local New York PBS station Thirteen is addressing this sad fact, placing ads for fake reality television shows on the subway to catch commuters’ eyes and hit them on the head with the message: the shows you are watching are crap. See the rest of the campaign here.

    Article by: Daniela Walker, PSFK

  • American Athletic Conference gets a logo

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    The new AAC recently unveiled their new brand.

  • Billboard creates tempest in a teapot for J.C. Penney

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    Is this a case of some California drivers calling the kettle, well, Hitler?

    A billboard in California has caused a stir on social media because some drivers on the 405 freeway near Culver City complained it looked more like the World War II Nazi leader Adolf Hitler than the $40 Michael Graves-designed tea pot that it is.

    Gawker.com reported that the teapot scandal first was brought to light on the social website Reddit. So far, a request by the DBJ for comment from Plano-based J.C. Penney Co. Inc. (NYSE: JCP) has not been answered.

    But J.C. Penney did take to Twitter with this response: "Totally unintentional. If we'd designed the kettle to look like something, we would've gone w/a snowman :)"

    Article by: Lance Murray, Dallas Business Journal

  • Big Gas

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    Kmart is at it again.

  • Introducing Beardvertising: Tiny Billboards That Clip on to Your Beard

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    I'm not sure which is more disturbing—the hirsute images that adorn the Beardvertising site from Kentucky ad agency Cornett-IMS, or creative Whit Hiler's use of the work "mancessory" to describe such facial hair. You might recall Hiler from past wacky ventures such as conquering Reddit with fake fliers (including a meetup to recreate scenes from Human Centipede—"Guys only") and crafting a tourism campaign that was presumably too "kick-ass" for the Bluegrass State. Here's his latest pitch: "Do you wanna get paid for having an epic beard? Of course you do. Join the world's first Beardvertising network. Get paid. It's simple—turn your beard into a business. Just like Duck Dynasty. Hang a BeardBoard (Patent Pending) in your beard. Sit back and get paid up to $5 per day." So far, A&W Restaurants and Eagle One Automotive have slapped their messages on Beardvertising mini-billboard clips. Maybe Schick, Gillette, Old Spice and DollarShaveClub.com should join in to cut through the clutter and carve out some unique ad space.

    By: David Gianatasio, Adweek

  • Tube Station Transformed into Great Gatsby Ballroom

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    Oxford Circus is one of the busiest stations on the London Underground, its floors trodden upon by thousands of people a week, but it received a bit of a facelift last week as part of the media campaign for Baz Luhrmann’s much marketed version of The Great Gatsby. Check out the article and additional images here.

    By: Daniela Walker, PSFK

  • Glad's Music Festival Tent Doubles as Giant Trash Bag

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    In partnership with ad agency Alma, Glad has turned its ordinary white trash bag into a durable tent aimed at festival-goers and out-door enthusiasts leading to a zero-waste camping experience. Get the full details here.

    Article by Lara Piras, PSFK.com

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