• Inferno Rolls Out "Come Play" Campaign for FedEx St. Jude Classic

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    The most party-centered, Memphis-loving, something-for-everyone campaign inferno developed this year. Check out the full campaign HERE.

  • Ads for Pittsburgh's Warhol Museum Wish You a Very Uncomfortable Summer

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    Up for a hot-dog bun full of worms? A pair of firecracker Speedos? How about a skewer through the nipple? You can get them all at Pittsburgh's Warhol Museum —in its summer 2013 ad campaign from MARC USA. The new work features traditional summertime imagery retooled to be more provocative, in keeping with much of the Warhol Museum's collection itself. (In fact, the ads are tame by comparison—which is just as well, since they need to get people in the door, not running from it.) "Summer's Different Here," says the copy on the vintage-postcard-style ads, which promote summer exhibitions spotlighting the work of three artists—musician and visual artist Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, photographer Caldwell Linker and sculptor/tattoo artist Nick Bubash. "In looking at what unites all these very different artists, we quickly understood that their works are meant to provoke and make you uncomfortable," says creative director Josh Blasingame. "Our campaign built on that idea by looking at ordinary icons of summer and showing how they could be made more than a little uncomfortable." The campaign, running June through September, includes outdoor, print ads, digital banners and actual postcards. Check out the rest of the ads HERE

    Via Tim Nudd, Adweek

  • Vintage Memphis Attraction T-Shirts by Hieroglyph

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    Hieroglyph has designed some awesome vintage Memphis attraction t-shirts.
    Get one HERE before they're gone.

  • What Happens When Ads are Stripped of Their Logos?

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    Is it possible for ads to be so arresting and beautiful that they mimic art?

    That was the theme of Le Communique Art Show, an exhibit that displays ads -- stripped of their logos -- as pieces capable of moving people, not just product.

    The exhibit, developed by Leo Burnett creative director Nuno Ferreira and associate creative director Ryan Wolin, was the winner of The 4A's TruthBrief Competition, which asked creatives to improve advertising's image in order to attract more talent to the industry. The stunt caught attendees by surprise as it was displayed as an "art show" on a college campus in May. Each ad was stripped of markers identifying it as as such, and the audiences weren't told the origins of the pieces.

    Leo Burnett created a video showing the reactions of the students to the "art," with one student commenting on the incorporation of "sculpture" into the piece, and another talking about how it makes her feel. At the end of the show, a final canvas was unveiled. It read: "All the pieces you saw today were ads. Join the most creative community in the world."

    Read the full article here

    Via Shareen Pathak, Ad Age

  • Volkswagen's Clever Campaign to End Texting and Driving

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    In an attempt to put a stop to what can be described as the “distracted driving” epidemic, Volkswagen have create a new poster advertisement that aims to highlight the dangers of using your phone while driving.

    Known simply as “I’m in traffic”, the advertisement was the result of collaboration between VW and Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town, South Africa.

    Via Ross Brooks, PSFK

  • Paradigm Marketing & Creative Designs Identity for Pyro's Fire Fresh Pizza

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    If you haven't heard the fuss, a new pizza restaurant/concept/experience is comin' to town. Pyro's Fire Fresh Pizza is opening at the dawn of fall 2013 in Memphis on Ridgeway Road, and Paradigm Marketing and Creative has designed a sweet logo and website for them. Check it out at pyrospizza.com

  • Amnesty International Campaign Finds Facebook Users Guilty of Crimes Based on Social Activity

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    Amnesty International’s New Zealand branch has an online tool that scans your Facebook Timeline and looks at how the freedom of your lifestyle measures up globally. As New Zealand was named one of the freest countries on Earth, ‘Trial By Timeline‘ highlights what it might be like to be punished for attempting a quality of life some take for granted.

    The online tool pulls out any likes, words and updates you’ve posted that could have you arrested, tortured, fined or even sentenced to the death penalty in other parts of the world, showing the stark reality others face.

    The ‘Trial by Timeline’ summary informs you how many times you would have been beaten, tortured and persecuted for these “crimes”, which could be associated with your gender, nationality, relationships, social activity or political views.

    Article by: Emma Hutchings, PSFK

  • Grey Poupon serves up the best gay-pride ad of a historic week

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    Of all the branded efforts around gay pride in this historic week, this one from Grey Poupon and agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky is perhaps the best.

    A clever take on a classic advertisement, rendered artfully and in the brand voice—with eminent good taste and a minimum of fuss. From idea to execution, it couldn't be much better. "June is National Pride month," says copy next to the photo on the Kraft brand's Facebook wall. "Though the festivities technically only last a month, we recommend celebrating all year—because Pride and good taste never go out of season."

    The post has almost 20,000 likes. And while the predictable flame wars have broken out in the comments, Grey Poupon seems unperturbed. And that kind of confidence from major brands around LGBT issues is as big a change as any from years ago.

    CP+B, of course, has been rejuvenating the Grey Poupon brand for some time, creating fun new work including an amusing sequel to its most famous commercial.

    Via Tim Nudd, Adweek.

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