Cut&Paste Announces 12-City Global Design Competition

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Cut&Paste, the global digital design competition known for its lively onstage battles and reputation-making performances, returns to 12 cities this year, this time with Adobe as the event’s Platinum Sponsor, Pond5 as their Gold Sponsor and Shapeways as their Silver Sponsor. This year’s competition, which has already made its way through riotous nights in NYC, Mexico City, and Seoul, is open immediately to potential competitors in the remaining tour cities.

Be forewarned – this is not a passive, submission-based contest. Competitors perform live, onstage, before big-name brands and a raucous audience fueled by bartenders, with a deejay cranking out music and an emcee narrating events. Cut&Paste expects competitors to put on a show not only onscreen, but onstage, bringing props, friends, social media tie-ins – anything they can to draw in the judges and audience and stamp their personal style on their work.

Learn more about Cut&Paste at, and take a look below at last year's competition in New York.


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