One Time Secret Introduces Self-Destructing Messages

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Developed by the guys behind Blarney and Stella Information Co., One Time Secret presents the web version of the self destructing message. The service allows users to create a secret link, allowing them to send messages that are deleted after a single view.

The possibilities are endless: from a safer alternative to sexting or drunk-tweeting bad jokes, to more practical uses like sending passwords and other sensitive information. After the message is displayed once, it is deleted forever. So there’s no digital trail at all.

If all that isn’t secret enough for you (who are you, hypothetical ultra-secretive person? A drug dealer? You’re a drug dealer, aren’t you?), there’s an option to include a passphrase for opening the message. Unread messages are kept for 7 days until they self-destruct and if you include a passphrase, it isn’t even stored, so even the guys at One Time Secret can’t decrypt it. So worry not, paranoid Internet user.

Image: March Communications

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